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Electric tricycle

BKL 850

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BKL 850 Electric Tricycle Features

The electric cargo tricycle BKL 850 optimizes every last-mile delivery with its ease of pedestrian areas, confined spaces and high maneuverability. It has a load capacity of 250 kg thanks to its 850-liter trunk capacity and a protective canopy to improve both rider comfort and safety. In addition, it incorporates two removable 576 Wh batteries that provide a range of 65 km per battery.

BKL 850 at the best price

Maximize the performance of your last mile logistics routes by incorporating the BKL 850 pedal-assist electric cargo trike into your fleet with the best value for money. Choose the modality that best suits the particularities of your business: leasing or purchase.

Contract the leasing of the BKL 850 electric cargo trike from 153€ per month with maintenance included. if you want to outsource your fleet management and minimize your investment. O buy the tricycle on demand at the best price if you want to be the one who makes all the decisions.

Applications of the BKL 850 electric tricycle for your company

The BKL 850 electric cargo trike adapts to the requirements of a wide variety of sectors. A perfect solution to maximize the efficiency of every delivery route and optimize every business process in food delivery, parcel delivery and even in the public sector. Inquieto’s BKL 850 three-wheeled electric bicycle is ready for a wide variety of applications to ensure the fastest and most reliable delivery and, where appropriate, the perfect condition of the food.

Reach each of your customers in a sustainable way with this innovative and environmentally friendly solution. Offer a quality service taking advantage of all the benefits of incorporating to your fleet this maneuverable vehicle, with access to all types of spaces and even pedestrian areas, comfortable and with a great autonomy. Its two removable batteries will allow you to travel up to 130 km in electric mode on each delivery route, with the comfort that this implies for your riders. In addition, to improve your comfort and ensure your safety, they have a built-in protective canopy.
Take advantage of all the benefits of a vehicle specially designed for the last logistic mile with small dimensions but with a large load capacity. It reaches every customer quickly thanks to its maneuverability, small dimensions and accessibility to all types of spaces and transports all types of products thanks to its large load capacity of 250 kg and 850-liter trunk. With the BKL 850 electric cargo trike, you won’t have to give up anything.

Want to know more?

Contact us now to learn more about the BKL 850 electric tricycle. We will give you personalized advice and offer you the best solution to optimize your routes according to your needs. Achieve maximum efficiency with Inquieto.

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